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May 25, 2016
KVSAR Compound

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May 28, 2016
Meet Up Location:
KVSAR Compound

Team Hikes are on-going every Tuesday and Thursday through holidays. Contact Us for locations and times as they may change.

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September 28, 2015
Kern Valley Search and Rescue volunteer find happiness in heroic deeds

August 29, 2015
Missing Folsom hiker found injured but alive after 9 days lost in Sierra

October 19, 2014
Mountain biker rescued after crash near Kernville

June 18, 2014
Four People Rescued From Kern River By Volunteers of the Kern Valley Search and Rescue

Apr 24, 2013
KV Search and Rescue Assist Deputies

Apr 10, 2013:
Red Cross 'Real Heroes'

Kern Valley Search and Rescue

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Kern Valley Search and Rescue (KVSAR) is the original Search and Rescue team in Kern County. The team serves the Kern River Valley and surrounding wilderness. KVSAR is located in the most diverse terrain in Kern County that includes many miles of the Kern River, snow capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, edges of the Mojave Desert, and Lake Isabella. KVSAR not only provides Search and Rescue services but also plays a vital role in support operations for the Kern County Sheriff's Office. Due to the teams level of expertise and experience, they are often called to assist outlying Search and Rescue units all over Kern County and California. KVSAR pride themselves in being leaders in safety education of visitors, students, and residents of the Kern River Valley.

.: Kern Valley Search and Rescue volunteer finds happiness in heroic deeds :.

A decade ago, Wendy Bailey, 55, could never have predicted she’d be saving lives as a member of Kern Valley Search and Rescue (KVSAR).

Back then she was living in Valencia, a stay-at-home mom with three kids. Her resume included jobs as a letter carrier and elementary school yard supervisor.

But then in 2007, her husband Robert died of leukemia after a three-year struggle. 

The couple had been married 20 years. 

Still visibly shaken by the remembrance, Wendy said the family home held painful memories and with her children prepared to leave the nest, she was ready for a change of scenery.

“Rob wouldn’t have wanted me to do this,” she said of her mourning. “I really needed to go, and the kids were old enough.”

With family in Kernville, Wendy headed north. A chance meeting during a Whiskey Flat Days celebration got her attention and altered the course of her life.

“They (KVSAR) had a booth set up,” she said. “That’s exactly what brought me here.”

Wendy moved to Kernville six years ago; she just celebrated her fifth anniversary with the volunteer, community funded organization, which is affiliated with the Kern County Sheriff’s department.

In addition to participating in search and rescue, Wendy serves on the board and manages the equipment. 

The manager said she has ongoing intensive rescue and life support training, and the tight-knit group meets a minimum of once a month in addition to training. She said their main focus is water rescue, “but we do a lot more than that.” 

“We do mountain and desert rescue when people get lost,” she said. “We’ve had to do fire evacuations and mudslides. We have to be prepared for that.”

According to Brian Baskin, 37, who also serves on the team, Wendy is well prepared physically and emotionally for the demands of the job.

“She’s a capable operator,” he said. “And she sees the good in everything.”

Today, Wendy is a long way from yard duty. She can be found scouring the Kern River in a lifeboat, in a helicopter or hiking down from a high peak with a rope. 

Isn’t she afraid of heights?

“I am,” she giggled. “But I still like to do it.”

Wendy views the crew as an extended family and says KVSAR is responsible for the preservation of many lives – including her own. 

“It saved me,” she said.

Article courtesy of The Bakersfield Californian:

.:3rd Annual Sporting Clays Tournament:.

Clayshoot Logo

Killing Fake Birds and Saving Real Lives!

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported us at the 3rd Annual Sporting Clay tournament! We are still tallying the final numbers but it is very safe to say that this year was certainly our best year yet. A very special thank you to each of our sponsors for this event. We could not have done this without their help:

Budget Bolt and the Porter Family
Cross Land Leveling
Alta Sierra Ski Patrol
O'Dell Cross, A Professional Corporation
Custom Thread Grinding, Inc.
Mountain Rescue Gear.com
Riverside One Stop Shell
Michael Wright, CPA
Frey's Gunshop

Congratulations to the following Tournament Winners:
Top Overall Male Shooter: Kent Sakamoto (Score: 88)
Top Overall Female Shooter: Lisa Wise (Score: 62)
Top Overall Junior: Hunter Muth (Score: 44)
Top Team: Team Janszen (Score: 373)
Jack Janszen
Max Janszen
Brian Burt
Paul Duncon
Kent Sakamoto
Crappiest Shooter Award: Ruthann Smith (Score: 19)

Congratulations to the following winners of the firearm raffles:
Glock 19 - Jim Crawford
DPMS Ar-15 - Linda Porter
Beretta A300 Outlander - Gale Johnson
Howa 300 Win Mag - Jim Smith
Century Arms C39V2 (AK-47) - Max Janszen
Winham Weaponry WW-15 - Shawn Basque
Sig Sauer 1911 (Silver) - Felipe Guerra
Sig Sauer 1911 (Black) - Penny Blanton
10/22 .22LR Take Down - Kevin Suzeaitz

If you see your name here and have not yet recieved a call from Frey's Gunshop,
please contact them at (760) 375-9690

Please consider joining us next year. It is always the first saturday in April in, what will hopefully be, a very long standing tradition for KVSAR.

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