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Next Monthly Meeting
January 27, 2016
KVSAR Compound
We will not have any meetings for November and December so our team can enjoy that time with their families.

However, we are staying ever vigilant should someone need help returning their families during this time.

Next Monthly Training
Meet Up Location:
KVSAR Compound

We will be having training's throughout the Holiday Season. Please stay in contact with our training committee if you are interested in attending.

Team Hikes are on-going every Tuesday and Thursday through holidays. Contact Us for locations and times as they may change.

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August 29, 2015
Missing Folsom hiker found injured but alive after 9 days lost in Sierra

October 19, 2014
Mountain biker rescued after crash near Kernville

June 18, 2014
Four People Rescued From Kern River By Volunteers of the Kern Valley Search and Rescue

Apr 24, 2013
KV Search and Rescue Assist Deputies

Apr 10, 2013:
Red Cross 'Real Heroes'

Kern Valley Search and Rescue

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Kern Valley Search and Rescue (KVSAR) is the original Search and Rescue team in Kern County. The team serves the Kern River Valley and surrounding wilderness. KVSAR is located in the most diverse terrain in Kern County that includes many miles of the Kern River, snow capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, edges of the Mojave Desert, and Lake Isabella. KVSAR not only provides Search and Rescue services but also plays a vital role in support operations for the Kern County Sheriff's Office. Due to the teams level of expertise and experience, they are often called to assist outlying Search and Rescue units all over Kern County and California. KVSAR pride themselves in being leaders in safety education of visitors, students, and residents of the Kern River Valley.


KVSAR Would like to congratulate Wendy Bailey for her 2nd Top Contributor Award!


The Kern County Sheriff Office held it's annual Search and Rescue appreciation dinner in which they take a moment to thank the volunteers within Search and Rescue. Among the many ways the Sheriff Office thanks our team members, they give out awards for Top Contributor for each team. This year's top contributor, for a 2nd time, is Wendy Bailey. KVSAR would like to congratulate Wendy for all of her hard work and dedication. This award is prestigious to earn once. To earn it twice is unprecedented.

We would also like to congratulate Jim Medved, Wes Woody, John Gomez, and Wendy Bailey for their 5 years of committed service to Search and Rescue. Cong rations also to Branelle Welsh and Bill Chase for 10 years of committed service.


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